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Christopher Throssel

Outdoor Activities & Environmentalism

Based out of Fort Collins, Colorado, Christopher Throssel has always loved the outdoors. Having spent much of his life in Colorado, Christopher has often been surrounded by beautiful natural areas that offer great opportunities for exploration and outdoor recreation. He loves hiking, fishing, skiing, exploring new places, and enjoying the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Not only does Christopher like to do outdoor activities, but he is also passionate about environmentalism and preservation efforts.

Over the years, Christopher Throssel has invested a lot of time into environmental preservation efforts. He spent the summer of 2012 working at a reforestation program with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. He helped do data collection and analysis and tree planting to help an area recover from a series of destructive tornadoes. Later, while a student at Colorado State University, he spent time as an Assistant Biologist at the college’s Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory. This gave him additional insight into environmental issues and related research. While Christopher now works full-time in family law, he enjoyed exploring aspects of environmental law during his education and has continued volunteering for environmental nonprofits such as the Wildlands Restoration Volunteers.

Christopher Throssel graduated from Roger Williams University School of Law in 2017, earning his Juris Doctorate. Shortly after, he moved back to Colorado from Rhode Island, where he began to build his career as an attorney. He spent some time working as a solo practitioner but eventually landed at LTC Matters, where he worked as an Associate Attorney. As of now, Christopher Throssel serves as an Attorney for Britt, Tshering & Wang LLC. He specializes in probate, protective proceedings, estate, and elder law. 

One of the things Christopher Throssel loves about working in law is that his work has a positive impact on people. He loves helping people navigate the complexities of the legal system and minimizing stress during what can be challenging times. While he always maintains a professional practice and working relationships, he strives to be approachable and easy to work with professionally, making legal processes as painless as possible. Currently, Christopher is licensed to practice law in good standing in both Colorado and Wyoming.

When he isn’t busy with work, Christopher Throssel keeps busy at home. He has two young children and loves getting to be their dad. He strives to be very involved in their lives and support them in all of their endeavors. Additionally, he has classic motorcycles and loves working on them in his spare time.

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